Digital printing and scanning

Digital copying, printing, and scanning

  • Full color
  • Black and white
  • Poster size

Copyman can copy and scan full color or black and white documents at any size up to 36″ wide. We can print up to 52″ wide! Rates vary depending on the medium: Scanning ink on text weight substrates costs less than scanning charcoal, graphite, or paint on thicker substrates. Learn how to setup and submit jobs for printing or scanning.

Laminating — Up to 36 in. wide

Laminating, Sizes

Copyman offers lamination up to 36″ wide, including our standard sizes:

  • Letter, 8½” × 11″
  • Tabloid, 11″ × 17″
  • Poster, up to 36″ wide, with your choice of matte or glossy finish.

Binding and finishing

Binding varieties


Copyman can staple stacks of paper up to 100 sheets thick. Just let us know which corner.


  • Three-hole punch. This is the basic three-hole punching for three-ring binders.
  • Two-hole punch. And the two-hole punch for two-ring binders or for specialty bindery.
  • One or multiple hole punching. We can punch one or more holes of 0.125″ – 0.25″ diameter in any location of your document.

Trimming and cutting

Copyman can trim, crop, and cut your project whether it’s a large poster or banner or if it’s a stack of papers.

Folding, scoring, and creasing

Folding. We have variety of folding options for letter (8½ × 11″), legal (8½ × 14), and tabloid (11″ × 17″) size sheets:

  • Bi-folding
  • Tri-folding:
    • Z-folding
    • C-folding
  • Gate folding

See folding samples and learn to setup margins for submitting your project for printing and folding.

Scoring or creasing. For that smooth, folded edge, scoring or creasing is ideal for thick, folded stock so as to avoid a ragged or cracked edge. See if scoring or creasing is right for your project.

Stationary and identity




Business cards

Copyman offers full color business cards in standard size (3.5″ × 2″) and non-standard sizes, with or without bleeds, single-sided or both sides.

Rubber stamps

Wide-format printing

Wide-format printing

Copyman can print up to 52″ wide on a variety of substrates from paper to vinyl to canvas.

And more . . .

And more . . .


Copyman offers high quality and quick turn around. Gather ‘round you architect and graphic arts students!




Greeting cards


Copyman can fax up to 30 pages at a time. Rates vary by area code: Local faxes are cheaper than faxes outside the 503 area code. Successive pages are cheaper to fax after the first page.

Passport photos

Passport photos while you wait! Copyman provides quick and easy passport and visa photos for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, European Union, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, and just about any other place you wish to visit. Costs increase for infants and for passport or visa photo requirements differing from the U.S. standard 2″ × 2″. (European Union and several other nations require 3.5 × 4.5 cm, while Canada requires 5 × 7 cm.) We recommend that you wear a non-white shirt or blouse for the photo. Learn more tips for taking great passport photos.

and much more . . .

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